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RKB Johnston Schedule

RKB Johnston & RI Fitness Schedule all on one!

RI Fitness classes are highlighted in green on the schedule you must have a  RI FItnessMembership to take those classes or pay the drop in fee. You can buy

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Rondeau's Kickboxing & RI Fitness

$99 for 1 month unlimited classes RKB & RI Fitness




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RKB Woonsocket Schedule


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Class List and Description

*Beginners can come to any class on the schedule

Come to any class there is never a waiting list

Fitness Kickboxing  - Real kickboxing and boxing moves, ab workouts, and more!

Fitness Pump 
(group personal training)  -  Cardio, free weights, and lots of motivation! Learn how to use free weights properly and work every body part. Go at your own pace.

Fitness Kickboxing & Weights
(PUSH IT!) - Kickboxing, boxing, weights, cardio and core training.

Family Workout  - We mix it up to teach you kickboxing, boxing, weights, and self-defense. Have fun working out as a family in this class. Adults need to be accompanied by their children, but children are welcome to come alone.

Kids Kickboxing - Kids ages 8-15- Learn kickboxing, boxing, self-defense and train to build your whole body... weights, cardio, and core training. This class offers a fun way to keep kids active!

Fitness Boxing -  Boxing at its best- learn real punches, footwork, and slipping like a pro boxer. Every Fitness Kickboxing class has Boxing in it.

Sparring - Real kickboxing with other members! Included in the VIP membership and $15 for non-members.

"The Biggest Loser" Workout     - Goal Setting, Keeping You Focused, Weekly Workouts, Meal Plans, Guidance, Weekly Weigh Ins, BODY MEASUREMENTS. 

Fitness Burn!  - A unique and powerful circuit training class that rotates members in intervals using all your body parts! Powerful – Explosive Movements that Rock you!

Bootcamp - Well, that should say it! A great fitness workout that is different and uses lots of different fitness equipment to give you an awesome workout. Beginners will do great and advanced athletes will be challenged! 

Urban Kickboxing - Boot Camp and Kickboxing Combined in this unique style class! That uses the great outdoors as it’s tools to help shape a new you!

Fitness MMA - This non contact class is designed to teach you how to ground and pound. While using bags on the floor and challenging all body parts.

Zumba - This high energy workout will help you shed the inches off of your waist and moving to exciting latin or electric music.


ViniYoga - suitable for all levels The postures are modified to suit the needs of the body instead of trying to force the body to adapt to a form that may not be beneficial or may actually cause harm to the individual. Breathe.

Glow Yoga - Flameless candles light this class as the focus is on slow, gentle movements that focus on relaxation. Suitable for all levels.


Obstacle Course Training Class - We use the climbing rope, walls, cargo net, rock wall and other fun obstacles to help you mix it up and  be in OCT shape for fun runs, 5ks or just for the fitness of it!


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Rondeau's Kickboxing 2014 Holiday Schedule

Please check our facebook page for any snow cancellations


May 26th– Memorial Day – Closed

July– 4th of July – Closed

September 1st – Labor Day – Closed

October 13th – Columbus Day – Closed

November 27th - Thanksgiving Day – Closed

Decemeber 24th – Open for Morning Classes/Closed in the evening

December  25th  – Closed

December  26th – Closed

December 31st – New Years Eve – Open for Morning Classes/Closed in the evening

January 1, 2015 –  New Years Day - Closed

12 Sunnyside ave. Johnston, RI

12 Sunnyside ave. Johnston, RI